Since 1988, the “Journées de la Matière Condensée” (JMC) are organized every even year by the Condensed Matter Physics Division of the French Physical Society (SFP). The topics discussed cover all the fields related to condensed matter, from concepts to applications. The success of these days makes it the largest national congress of Condensed Matter Physics in France (600-700 participants).

The 18th edition is held in Lyon from August 22 to 26, 2022.


The organizing committee, led by the Rhône section of the SFP, includes members of the main condensed matter physics laboratories of Lyon and St. Etienne. With units from CNRS, Université Lyon 1, Université Jean Monnet, ENS Lyon, INSA Lyon, École Centrale de Lyon and École de Mines de St. Etienne, the local actors reflect the diversity of condensed matter physics.