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Microlight3D marks fifth anniversary and reinforces team


Company keeps pace with increased sales and deliveries of new 3D microprinting equipment with recruitment in development, manufacturing and sales.


Grenoble, France, December 2, 2021 – Microlight3D, a specialty manufacturer of high-resolution micro-scale 2D & 3D printing systems for industrial and scientific applications, today celebrates its fifth anniversary and the arrival of five new team members.


To help keep pace with increasing sales activity and the delivery of new systems, the new

engineering and sales recruits will strengthen technical customer support, boost manufacturing capabilities, and speed-up the company’s system and process development programs.


“Microlight3D is proud of its business growth and achievements in 3D microprinting over the last five years. Our steady increase in sales clearly shows that our products resonate with customers in many applications from microfluidics, micro-optics and micro-robotics, to meta-materials and cell biology applications,” said Denis Barbier, CEO of Microlight3D. “We have built up a strong technical base, an expert team who are happy to work together and a solid understanding of market needs. We are readying a product pipeline to ensure continued successful growth for the next five years.”


The 3D printing market is projected to more than double in size over the next five years, reaching an estimated value of $37.2 billion in 2026. Microlight3D’s novel two-photon polymerization technology-based products, offering new possibilities in high resolution without post-processing, are uniquely placed to seize market opportunities within this growing trend in micro-parts with resolution 100x’s smaller than a strand of hair.


Since Microlight3D’s founding in 2016, following 15 years’ research and development of its two-photon polymerization technology conducted at the Grenoble Alpes University in Grenoble, France, the company has launched three innovative products on the market. It has also enlarged its product portfolio and technological know-how through its acquisition of Smart Force Technologies, a company producing maskless lithography systems for micro-scale 2D-printing. By creating a network of distributors across Europe, Asia and North America, the company has expanded its reach and market access, enabling it to attract a diverse customer base.


In addition, Microlight3D has been selected for several European funded innovation programs, such as the nanotechnology project to develop microstructured concrete, led by MIRACLE, – transforming a building’s capacity to cool down naturally. Other projects include a European grant to develop a 3D microprinter and processes for the nAngioDerm project – aiming to produce dermal regeneration solutions for acute wounds and chronic ulcers that won’t heal.


The company, which now has close to 20 employees, is also marking its fifth anniversary with the launch of a new website.


About Microlight3D

Microlight3D is a manufacturer of high-resolution micro-scale 2D & 3D printing systems. The company enables scientists and industrial researchers with new design needs to produce the most demanding precision micro parts in any geometric or organic shape, with a flawless finish. By combining 2D & 3D microprinting techniques, Microlight3D offers customers more flexibility in creating larger complex parts. It aims to provide faster and more complex micro-fabrication systems for tomorrow’s applications. Microlight3D’s equipment is designed for application in micro-optics, microfluidics, micro-robotics, meta-materials, cell biology and microelectronics. Microlight3D was founded in 2016, following 15 years’ research and development of its 3D microprinting technology at Grenoble Alpes University (UGA). The company is located in Grenoble, France.



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