Microlight3D at FMNT summit !

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Integrating magnetic materials inside 3D-micro-printed structures makes their remote actuation with an external magnetic field possible. However, the nature of the magnetic material, its volume, and precise position in the structure are keys for the efficiency, dexterity, and compatibility with optical or biological functions. Herein, an original approach consists in the bonding of discrete and fully magnetic microbeads to unaffected 3D-microprinted structures.

This led to the creation of remotely controllable 100µm long micro-tweezers that can be translated, rotated, and opened with a single variable external magnetic field. The dexterity of this untethered micromanipulator allows a pick-and-place operation of 40 µm objects in a confined environment, and could open new perspectives for personalized and targeted medicine applications.
Else, the demonstration of remotely controllable micro-lenses opens new perspectives for the creation of new innovative endoscopes.