General presentation

Our in-house software Phaos and Luminis allow for rapid prototyping. You can prepare any designs and print it within a few clicks.
Whether you are a novice or an advanced user, you can configure the manufacturing to your exact needs.
Complete any tasks with ease thanks to powerful automation features.

Phaos – Smart Print UV

Luminis – microFAB-3D


  • Modern user interfaces
  • Seamless user experience
  • Guided process through presets and interactive tutorials
  • Constantly improved by customers feedback
  • From design to fabrication in less than 10 clicks
  • Realistic fabrication preview
  • Easy design manipulation


  • Large range of compatible formats
  • Saveable tasks and processes
  • Edit any recipes and add your own
  • Secured and designed to be used in small teams or in a shared cleanroom.
  • Compatible with custom fabrication files using third party software.
  • Control precisely the design treatment


  • Automated dose test and more
  • Multi-layers alignment
  • Motion compensation 
  • Object group manipulation